Bit Or Collet Stuck In Your Dremel? – 3 ways to fix it

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There are several ways a bit, burr or collet can become stuck in a Dremel tool. It does not happen often, but it always seems to happen at the worst possible times. Most of the time, fixing a stuck collet or bit is very simple and can be done in seconds.

In this article, I will show you the three most common scenarios where a bit or collet might get stuck in your Dremel or rotary tool. Hopefully, this helps you and you are back to using the Dremel in no time.

Update: I added two more methods and scenarios for fixing stuck collet or bit in your Dremel. There are now five solutions in this article.

How To Fix A Stuck Collet In Your Dremel Tool

When the collet is stuck inside the Dremel we first have to remove the collet nut from the Dremel. Hold down the spindle lock button while turning the collet nut counterclockwise until it can be removed from the Dremel. Now use a loose bit and push it into the collet nut where the collet is stuck. Push hard until the bit is removed.

Tightening the collet nut too much when securing a bit the Dremel may cause the collet to get stuck in the collet nut.

Using the wrong size collet when securing bits may also cause the collet to get stuck.

1. Remove Collet Nut From Dremel

We need to remove the collet nut before we can remove the collet. Hold the blue or gray spindle lock button and turn the collet nut counterclockwise with your little wrench.

2. Push Collet Out With A Bit

Find a loose bit that will fit inside the collet nut. We are going to use this bit to press out the collet from the collet nut. Any bit with a normal size shank will do.

3. Press Out The Collet From The Collet Nut

Simply insert the bit into the collet nut like you normally would. The bit will push out the collet from the collet nut. Most times you can do this by hand, and the collet will just pop out.

If the collet is really stuck and you cannot push it out by hand, you can secure the collet nut in a vice, place the bit onto the collet and try tapping it lightly.

How To Remove A Stuck Bit From Your Dremel Tool

Sometimes the bit will get stuck in the collet nut together with the collet. This requires a similar fix to when the collet is stuck with some minor differences.

To remove a bit that is stuck in your Dremel tool you first have to remove the collet nut from the Dremel. Hold down the blue or gray spindle lock button while turning the collet nut counterclockwise. When the collet nut is removed from the Dremel you can put it down on the table and hit it lightly with a hammer, and then try wiggling it out. Repeat the process until the bit comes loose.

1. Remove The Collet Nut

We need to remove the collet nut before we can remove the stuck bit. Hold the blue or gray spindle lock button and turn the collet nut counterclockwise with your little wrench.

2. Hit Collet Nut Lightly With A Hammer

Place the collet nut on a table or surface that you are not afraid to damage. Hit the collet nut lightly with a hammer, we do this because the bit is usually jammed inside the collet and collet nut. When we hit lightly it has a tendency to come loose. You can use whatever you want to hit it, just needs to be something hard.

3. Wiggle The Bit Out

The bit should now be easily removed if you just wiggle it a little bit. If the bit does not come out at this point, place the collet nut down on the table again and repeat the process.

Collet Stuck In The Spindle Of The Dremel

The collet can sometimes be hard to get out of the spindle itself when you are just trying to grab it with your hands. If no bit is inserted into the collet when you are trying to retrieve it from the spindle it will not have anything to tighten up against and therefore it will just bend away from your grip and it will not come out.

The solution to this is to insert the shank of a bit into the collet and then grab it with your fingers. The fact that the collet has something to press up against creates friction and gives you enough grip on the collet to pull it out of the spindle.

Collet Nut May Be Stuck On Your Dremel Because Of Rust

If your Dremel usually sits in a drawer somewhere hidden and is rarely used, then the collet nut might actually start to rust. When rust has started forming on the threads of the nut it will be a lot harder to get untighten. Use a solvent like WD-40 to lubricate and dissolve the rust in the nut, and try to use your Dremel more frequently to avoid this problem.

You can also store the Dremel in a more dry environment with good air quality to avoid rust from forming in the first place.

Collet Nut Does Not Come Of The Dremel At All

After using the Dremel for a while you might experience that the collet nut will not come loose at all. No matter how many times you turn it, it won’t come loose, even while holding the spindle lock button which is supposed to give you leverage for the untread.

This is a common problem with all rotary tools and even the flex shaft. The thing that has happened is that the spindle lock button has been pressed while the tool was running, this is a common user error and I have done it many times by accident myself.

If you press the lock button while the Dremel is running the inside shaft will wear down over time and make the lock button useless. So when you try to secure the spindle inside the Dremel to change bits, it will just keep spinning and the bit will not come off.

But don’t worry, there is a workaround for this problem. It will not fix it a hundred percent but it will make able to use the Dremel for many years to come (hopefully).

This fix is a little more complicated, so I recommend watching this video. He explains the problem very well, and it will help you work around the collet nut not coming off and make you able to change bits again

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