Comprehensive Dremel Stylo+ Review – After 6 Months Of Use

The Dremel brand makes a wide range of different rotary tools, and many of them might seem very similar in use. It can be hard to know which Dremel is best for the tasks you need it for. In this article, I will present my honest opinion and review of the Dremel Stylo+ 2050 after using it for six months.

So in summary, is the Dremel stylo+ a good tool?

The Dremel Stylo+ 2050 is a great rotary tool to use for lighter arts, crafts, and DIY tasks. It is small and comfortable to use, which makes it easier to do detailed work. The Stylo+ is not designed to be used for heavier tasks like cutting metals or wood carving larger projects.

The Dremel Stylo+ is a great tool, but it has been designed in a way that makes it very different from other flagship models like the Dremel 4000 or 3000 and it feels very different in use. I will explain in detail further down. But first, let’s check the stats of this tool.

The Dremel Stylo+ – The Stats

Dremel Stylo+ 2050 Stats
Dremel Stylo+ 2050 Stats

The Stylo+ is a small tool with a weight of about 150 Grams (5 Ounces). This makes it one of the most comfortable Dremels models to use.

The Stylo+ is used for lighter tasks, like engraving, cutting soft and thin materials, and general surface work.

The RPM range is from 5000 to 22000 which is a significantly lower max rpm than models like the Dremel 3000 for example.

The amperage the motor of the Dremel Stylo+ can make use of is 0.5 AMPs, this is fairly low and you will feel it in the power of the tool. In comparison, the Dremel 3000 uses 1.3 AMPs.

The Dremel Stylo+ is a corded tool and has a fairly lengthy cord that measures 6.5 feet ( 2 Meters ), this is more than enough most of the time.

A big downside of the Dremel Stylo+ is that it cannot be used with most of the Dremel attachments. Check the attachment compatibility chart below.

Dremel Attachment Compatibility Chart: Click Here

My Experience With The Dremel Stylo+

Dremel Stylo+ 2050
Dremel Stylo+ 2050

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Different people use tools for different purposes, and the Stylo+ is no exception. I am an avid woodcarver and I create many different woodcarving projects out of wood, my use of the Dremel rotary tools mostly fits in the arts and crafts category.

But I have long experience with rotary tools, and also use them for a wide variety of tasks, like cutting metal, sanding, routing, polishing, and more.

I mainly use the Dremel 4000 for doing most of my tasks and it is definitely my go-to Dremel model.

The reason I went out and bought the Dremel Stylo+ was that I wanted a lighter and more portable rotary tool that could be used for detailed work.

In general, I have found the Stylo+ to be most useful for surface engraving different materials like glass and metal, light wood carving, cutting thin materials like soda cans, very detailed work that requires a steady hand. But most of all, it is great for drilling tiny and accurate holes in wood.

The one big downside of the Stylo+ is that the motor is not very powerful and it will stop if it senses too much resistance. This mechanism is made to protect the motor. But we will discuss this further down in the article.

Good Qualities Of The Dremel Stylo+

Let’s start off with some of the good qualities that the Dremel Stylo+ has. The Stylo+ is:

  1. Light
  2. Portable
  3. Good For Detailing
  4. Easy To Maneuver
  5. Can Do Most Advertised Tasks Well
  6. Low Noise Levels
  7. Drilling Tiny Holes

Light – The Stylo+ weighs 5 Ounces (150grams). This low weight makes it easy to hold and maneuver and makes it great for doing accurate cuts and for using for longer periods of time without straining your wrist.

Portable – The small size and low weight result in a very portable tool. You can bring the Stylo+ anywhere you want to, so you can still do your arts and crafts or other tasks wherever you might be. Even on vacation with the family if you want to

Good For Detailing/Easy To Maneuver – The Stylo+ answers well to the maneuvering of the user, and it flows really well when in use. It has a thin power cord so you don’t have to worry about the tension in the flex shaft that we use for bigger Dremel models like the Dremel 4000. This makes it a great tool when you need to do accurate and detailed tasks.

Can Do Most Advertised Tasks Well – The Stylo+ is advertised as a tool that is great for doing arts and crafts tasks, and that really is where it shines. It is great for lighter arts and crafts tasks where you do not demand too much power out of it. Like sanding, wood carving relief carvings, and some lighter cutting in different DIY materials.

Low Noise Levels – The Stylo+ produces considerably less noise than the more powerful Dremel models like the Dremel 3000/4000. On low RPMs, it is so quiet that you couldn’t hear it if you used it in the room next to me. At higher RPMs, it has a tendency to produce a slightly loud high pitch sound but it’s nothing compared to the other models.

Drilling Tiny Holes – This is exactly what I use my Dremel Stylo+ the most for. I make small wooden pendants and the tool is great for drilling tiny accurate holes where the chain is inserted.

Here is an Amazon Link to the Drill bits I use for making the tiny holes.

Wood Carving With Stylo+
Wood Carving With Stylo+

Bad Qualities Of The Dremel Stylo+

But the Stylo+ is not perfect, so let’s also take a look at what I do not like about the Dremel Stylo+

  1. No Attachments
  2. Less Power
  3. Bad Power Button Placement
  4. Get’s Hot When Use For Longer Periods

No Attachments – Dremel makes many attachments that you can equip your Dremel with for doing specific tasks. The Stylo+ can not make use of these attachments because it lacks the proper threads where the nose cap sits. But this is one of the trade-offs when a tool is designed to be this small and light.

Less Power – The Stylo+ has less power when you compare it to the other flagship models like the Dremel 4000 or 3000. And you will feel a big difference. This is the main reason the Stylo+ is only recommended for lighter tasks.

Bad Power Button Placement – The power button on the Stylo+ sits directly across from the shaft lock button. It is easy to accidentally press the power button when you are changing bits, it is a bad design, in my opinion, so be sure to unplug the power when changing bits. It’s a small nuisance, but it has to be mentioned.

Get’s Hot When Used For Longer Periods – Using the Dremel Stylo+ for longer periods of time makes get hot to the handle. Now, I have mainly used it for 30 – 40 minute sessions, and it never produced enough heat that it got uncomfortable to grip. But I could definitely feel the emitting heat from the handle. Some people say that it gets too hot to comfortably hold, but I have not experienced this.

Can The Dremel Stylo+ Cut A Screw?

The Dremel Stylo+ can comfortably cut a normal-sized screw when using one of the metal cutting discs. It will however struggle some with the power and it will take more time to cut the screw compared to more powerful Dremel rotary tools. Cutting a screw with a Dremel Stylo+ will take 1 – 2 minutes.

Can The Dremel Stylo+ Cut Plastic?

The Dremel Stylo+ is good for cutting small and thin pieces of plastic, it can for example comfortably cut a straw-sized stick of plastic. The Dremel Stylo+ is not good for cutting sheets of plastic, plunging into a sheet of plastic will be too much for the motor and it will initiate the electric stop. Use the Dremel Stylo+ for small pieces of plastic.

Is The Dremel Stylo+ Good For Woodcarving?

The Dremel Stylo+ can be a good tool for woodcarving if you don’t expect too much from the tool in the form of power. The Stylo+ is great for carving surfaces and simple relief carvings, it is one of the most comfortable Dremel models to use for prolonged periods of time, and it is great for doing detailed and intricate work.

What Bits Are Included When Buying?

Stylo+ With Some Starter Bits
Stylo+ With Some Starter Bits

When buying a Stylo+ you get a little package of bits that you can use with your Dremel. Included in this package are bits for engraving, sanding, Polishing, woodcarving, polishing compound, a wrench for changing bits, and a steel brush. These bits will be enough to get started, and you will learn what bits are the most useful for you and which ones you need to buy to supplement your toolkit.

Should You Get The Stylo+?

Personally, I prefer the Dremel 4000 with the flex shaft over the Dremel Stylo+. But the Stylo+ is lighter, more portable, smaller, better to hold, and usually better at detailed light work. So there really are reasons to get the Stylo+.

Get The Dremel Stylo+ If:

  1. You already own a Dremel 4000 or 3000 and are looking for another tool to supplement your toolkit. Then the Stylo+ is a great addition for doing the lighter tasks.

2. You know you are only going to be using it for lighter tasks

3. You need a portable Dremel and want a tool that you can travel with

4. You need a more silent tool that wouldn’t even wake up someone sleeping in the room next to you

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