11 Tips And Tricks For The Dremel And Rotary Tools

Dremel is a rotary tool that is for so many purposes. Anything from trimming dog nails to cutting steel and metal. It can be overwhelming and hard to navigate the Dremel universe, what it can be used for and the best practices for using it. So in this article, I want to give you my best tips and tricks for using the Dremel, and things that the Dremel can be used for.

I have been using Dremel and rotary tools for a long time and I’m obsessed with all the amazing projects that can be completed with these tools.

You might know some of these tips and tricks, but a can assure you that you will learn something new you can do with the Dremel by the end of this article.

1. Use EZ Twist Nose Cap To Unscrew Collet Nut

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Tired of having to locate that tiny wrench whenever you want to change bits. The EZ Twist Nose Cap is a nose cap for the Dremel that has a built-in metal shape that will easily and quickly tighten and loosen the Collet Nut. The great thing about the EZ Twist Nose Cap is that it is always attached to the Dremel and always available.

The EZ Twist Nose Cap can be used with Dremel models: 4300, 4000, 400, 3000, 398, 200, 285, 100, 8220, 8200, 8100, 800


2. Get the Multi Chuck For More Convenient Bit Changing

#4486 Multi Chuck: Click Image To Check Price On Amazon

The Multi Chuck #4486 or Keyless Chuck is a time saver and is very convenient if you change Dremel bits frequently. The Multi Chuck gives you the ability to change bits without using a wrench, it will also take bits with different shank sizes.

With the normal Dremel collet nut, you had to find the right collet for the shank size of the bit you were using. Sometimes it is hard to know what size the bit is and which collet is needed for the job.

I would highly recommend getting the Keyless Chuck, it will save you time and frustration.

3. Control The Dremel With A Foot Pedal

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Using a foot pedal for the speed control gives you a huge advantage when using the Dremel and Rotary tool. The main advantage is that you can always have to hands-on your tool and your focus can be on the project. This is especially useful when using the Flex Shaft for the Dremel since the speed control of the Dremel will be far away if you do not use the foot pedal.

Using a footswitch for the Dremel will also give you the ability to control the speed in a much more detailed manner. The tool can be turned on and off quickly and it will give you a better workflow.

4. Make your own bits and burrs

The bits made by the official Dremel brand can sometimes be expensive. Sometimes it is actually better to make your own rotary tool bits.

The video above shows some extremely inventive ways to make Dremel bits that are actually useful. Making bits is also a very fun way of using the Dremel.

The Dremel bits I have found the most useful to make myself are different types of sanding bits for specific jobs.

5. Drill Tiny Holes

Dremel Drill Set: Click Image To Check Price On Amazon

One thing Dremel excels at is Drilling tiny holes in an accurate manner. The drills that Dremel makes can drill holes as small as 0.8mm (1/32-inch). If you also use an attachment like the flex shaft, it is easier to keep a steady hand for drilling detailed holes in different types of materials.

The Dremel also has an attachment that is great for drilling accurate holes, that is the Dremel Work Station. The Work Station converts the Dremel into a small drill press and is the most useful attachment if you are going to do a lot of drilling with the Dremel.

6. Cut And Engrave All Types Of Materials

Cutting A Bolt With A Dremel 4000
Cutting A Bolt With A Dremel 4000

The Dremel can cut and engrave almost any material you can think of. It can cut and engrave plastic, metal, plexiglass, aluminum, vinyl, tile, and much more.

The great thing about the Dremel is that you can just change the bit, and the tool will have a totally different specialized use than it did before. If you need to cut or engrave something, you can be sure that the Dremel has a bit for it.

7. Make It Into Your Own Mini Router

If you need a router, but you don’t own one. You can actually make your Dremel into your own mini router for light routing tasks. The Dremel brand actually has several different router attachments that can be used with the Dremel depending on your needs.

The Multi-Purpose Cutting Kit #565 is great for freehand routing. You just choose your preferred routing bit, set the depth you want, and start routing.

The Dremel Plunge Router #335-01 is more advanced and a little bit more expensive but also a bit more versatile. It converts The Dremel into a plunge router.

The Dremel Router Table #231 converts the Dremel into a convenient router table which is great for routing wooden edges.

8. Sharpen Anything Made Of Metal

With a steady hand, the Dremel can sharpen almost anything. With the wide variety of grinding stones and attachments, it can sharpen anything from a knife to a chainsaw.

9. Get The Flex Shaft For A More Comfortable Grip

Dremel Flex Shaft: Click Image To Check Price On Amazon

The Flex Shaft is one of the most useful attachments for the Dremel. The flex shaft is a prolonged shaft that is connected to the Dremel motor. It is a lot smaller and lighter than the Dremel itself, kind of like a stylo for you Dremel. This gives you the ability to use the Dremel for longer without tiring your hand and hurting your wrist.

The Flex Shaft is also great for doing more detailed work.

10. Let The Tool And Bit Do The Job

Clogged Sanding Drum
Clogged Sanding Drum

When using a Dremel it can be tempting to use more force to make to job go quicker. But it is important to not use too much force. Using too much force will result in bits getting broken, worn out, or clogged up with materials.

For example, cutting discs for metal will do double the amount of cutting if you let the bit and tool do the cutting.

Using excessive force will also be harder on the motor, the motor will likely overheat and there will be a higher chance of mechanical failure.

Now, you will have to use “some” pressure, but don’t try to force the tool through the material.

11. Drum Sanders Can Be Used For More Than You Think

Dremel Drum Sander: Click Image To Check Price On Amazon

As the last tip, I want to include my favorite bit for the Dremel. The Drum sanders are the most useful bits I have found to use for the Dremel. And these are the bits I find myself using most of the time.

You can use them for sanding, rust removal, woodcarving, sharpening, and shaping all kinds of materials. Be sure to always have the sanding drums in your Dremel tool kit.

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