About Us

Mainlywoodwork.com is a website that is built by me (Daniel). My goal is to help every reader of mine to navigate the large world of woodworking.

I have engaged in woodworking all my life, and I enjoy the craft of both traditional and more modern methods of woodworking.

It is my belief that everyone has the ability to engage in woodworking, you do not nesecerally need expensive tools or a big shop. This website is for everyone that wants to get started in woodworking and has an in the craft.

I will write articles on this website on different topics in woodworking. I want to share everything I learn with you guys so you can make informed decisions for your projects and make fewer mistakes than I did when learning.

I specialize in using rotary tools, so you will find a lot of articles about the Dremel and other rotary tools on this website.

I also have a big interest in learning about different types of wood, trees, and their uses.

I hope you like the content you find here.