How To Attach The Dremel Flex Shaft – With Video And Pictures

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The Dremel Flex Shaft is a really handy attachment for the Dremel. Your wrist will thank you when you start using the flex shaft, it will make the job of maneuvering the Dremel so much easier. But attaching and installing the flex shaft for the first time can be daunting. There are many parts to keep track of, and it can be hard to know which part goes where. I know I had trouble the first time, so let me help you speed through the process of attaching the Dremel flex shaft so you can get to work.

To attach the Dremel Flex Shaft you have to remove the collet nut, the collet, and the nose cap from the tip of the Dremel. Now you can attach the gray drive nut with a square hole in it to the Dremel, insert the square metal rod from the flex shaft into the drive nut and thread the Flex shaft nose cap onto the Dremel.

That was a quick overlook on how to attach the Dremel Flex Shaft. I will go into more detail throughout this article on how to attach it, the best practices when doing so, and give you some tips and tricks along the way.

If you just want to know how to attach the flex shaft as quickly as possible, I recommend watching the video. Here I explain it as quickly as I can, but without going into much detail.

How to Attach and Install the Dremel Flex Shaft

1. Make Sure the Dremel Is Unplugged

When changing anything on a Dremel we want to make sure it is unplugged so we do not accidentally turn it on while working on it. I know this one is easy to skip, but please, unplug the Dremel when you are attaching the Dremel flex shaft.

2. Remove The Collet Nut

Now remove the black collet nut at the tip of your Dremel. Hold down the lock button and turn the nut counterclockwise like you would when loosening it to change a bit, and turn it until it falls off. If you use a Quick Change Chuck, you need to remove it.

3. Remove The Collet

Remove the collet that was behind the collet nut. The collet is used to secure the bit in place and will be used on the flex shaft instead. If you use the Quick Change Chuck, there will be no collet to remove.

4. Remove The Nose Cap

The nose cap is not needed at all when using the Dremel Flex Shaft. Just remove it and store it somewhere safe, you will need this again for the times when you are using the Dremel without the Flex Shaft.

5. Thread The Drive Nut Onto the Dremel

The drive nut is a gray metal nut whit a square whole. Take good care of this nut. Thread the drive nut onto the Dremel where you removed the collet nut earlier while holding down the lock button. Tighten it a little bit with the wrench, but there is no need to use excessive force.

6. Insert The Square Metal Rod Into The Drive Nut

Now we have come to the part where the Dremel and Flex Shaft are going to be attached. At one end of the Dremel Flex Shaft, you will see a square metal rod. You have to pull this out a little bit from the Flex Shaft to give you more length to work with, and then insert the metal rod into the Drive Nut.

7. Thread The Flex Shaft Nose Cap Onto The Dremel

In my opinion, this is the hardest part of attaching the Flex Shaft to the Dremel. The key to threading the nose cap onto the Dremel is to have a firm grip on the Dremel and the Flex Shaft cable while threading the nose cap.

8. Hang Up The Dremel

Now that we are not holding onto the Dremel Itself we have to hang it up. The Dremel has a metal hook on it that is used to hang it on something. The easiest way I use myself is to just hang the Dremel on a bent nail I hit into a shelf. You can also get a stand to use the Dremel with the flex shaft.

9. Attach Collet, Nut, And Nose Cap to The Flex Shaft

Re-attach all the parts you removed from the tip of the Dremel onto the tip of the Flex Shaft. Not the nose Cap

10. Attach a Bit To The Flex Shaft

Attach a bit as you normally would

11. Plug in And Use.

Plug the Dremel in, and you are ready to use your Dremel. Have fun making stuff.

Can I Use The Dremel Multi Chuck With The Flex shaft?

The Dremel Multi Chuck ( Keyless Chuck ) can be used with the Dremel Flex Shaft. It is used in exactly the same way as you would use it normally with a Dremel.

Can I Use Attachments with the Dremel Flex Shaft?

Many attachments do not work with the Flex Shaft because the threading of the attachments is too big to use for the flex shaft. The Dremel itself has larger threads where the nose cap is supposed to go. And this is where most attachments are designed to be threaded when using them

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