Can You Use A Metal Jigsaw Blade To Cut Wood? – With Examples

Finding the right jigsaw blade is usually simple. When cutting wood, we use an HCS or bi-metal blade designed for cutting wood. When cutting metal we use an HSS or Bi-metal blade designed for cutting metal. But what if we need to cut through wood and metal in the same cut, what jigsaw blade should we choose then?

A jigsaw blade for metal will also be able to cut through wood. But it will cut slower and produce more heat than a jigsaw blade for wood. When cutting wood and metal in the same cut with a jigsaw, it is best to use a Bi-Metal jigsaw blade for metal with a TPI of 12 – 20.

I did some tests before I wrote this article and tried cutting metal and wood with the different types of jigsaw blades.

I also tried cutting metal with a wood jigsaw blade. Read on to see how that went.

Cutting Wood With A Metal Jigsaw Blade

When cutting wood with a jigsaw, it is obviously preferable to use a jigsaw blade that is designed for cutting wood. But sometimes we might not have a wood-cutting blade in our blade collection, do we really have to go out and buy a new set of wood blades just to do some simple cuts in wood?

If you are going to make a lot of cuts in wood, for example, if you are cutting 20 pallets up for firewood, then I would recommend you buy a new set of wood-cutting blades for the jigsaw.

A metal cutting blade will be able to cut through wood effectively. So if you only need to do a couple of cuts, the metal blade will do the job. However, there are some downsides to using a metal jigsaw blade for cutting wood.

The metal cutting blade will cut wood slower. Metal cutting blades usually have fewer teeth per inch than a wood cutting blade, and are also smaller. This will make the cut time longer.

Here is a 2X2 I cut with my jigsaw. I first cut it with a 6 TPI HCS blade for making fast cuts in wood, this blade made the cut in 5 seconds.

Then I cut the 2×2 with an 18TPI HSS blade for cutting metal, this blade made the cut in 12 seconds.

The difference in cut time does not really matter if you are only going to do a couple of cuts, but if you are cutting a lot of wood, using a blade for cutting metal will slow you down.

Jigsaw blades for cutting metal are also less flexible than wood cutting blades, avoid making curved cuts with metal jigsaw blades.

Cutting Wood And Metal At The Same Time

Sometimes, we have to make a cut where metal and wood are stuck together. We can cut through wood and metal in the same cut with a jigsaw, depending on how thick and hard the material is.

I would always recommend using a Bi-metal blade or HSS metal blade when cutting metal and wood in the same cut. This is because HCS wood blades are not that good at cutting metal, but HSS metal blades are able to cut wood. Bi-metal blades are one of the most durable types of jigsaw blades.

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The type of metal we are cutting will also be a big factor. If it is a thin piece of aluminum, we will not have any problem cutting through it with the jigsaw. But if it is a 1″ piece of stainless steel that is fastened to 1″ of hardwood, then the jigsaw might have some problems getting through.

Here is an example cut I made, this chest has a thin piece of aluminum fastened onto 1/2″ thick wood. I’m using an 18 TPI HSS jigsaw blade for metal to cut through it, and cutting through something like this is no problem for the jigsaw.

Cutting Aluminum And Wood In The Same Cut With A HSS Jigsaw Blade
Cutting Aluminum And Wood In The Same Cut

Because of the thin piece of soft aluminum, an HCS wood blade would actually be able to cut through this too.

Can A Wood Jigsaw Blade Cut Metal?

An HCS wood cutting blade for the jigsaw is able to cut through very thin pieces of aluminum. But in general, an HCS wood-cutting blade should not be used to cut through metal. Cutting hard and thick pieces of metal with a wood cutting blade will reduce the durability of the blade and dull the cutting teeth.

I tried cutting this 1/5″ (5mm) thick aluminum plate with an HCS jigsaw blade that is meant to be used for wood. I was able to cut through the aluminum, but the blade was basically unusable after the cut.

Aluminum is also a soft metal, if I tried cutting a harder metal like stainless steel, then the wood blade would have no chance to cut through it.

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